Blooms in the wind is an Interactive installation designed for Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu 2021. In this work, we tried to transform the natural element -wind, into a visual dynamic structure that is generated by the data from the anemometer in the local area, showing the color and gesture of wind in real-time. It symbolized a starting point of the symbiosis and coexistence of Agriculture and future technology in Hsin Chu. The work navigates through sound, light, and smoke as interactive media, bringing an alternative future light experience to this festival, awakening the dialogue between people and nature.

This work is set up for the rural regeneration area. We have entered the post-digital era, and all industries are facing transformation. Taiwanese rural life and agricultural development will also change due to the advent of the new era. This work uses the rotation of the air wings to lead to the change of light, creating different light patterns. In the past, the growth and expansion only in the horizontal dimension, but because of the new technology, they have a chance to bloom in three dimensions.

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