Blade R is a compact and miniaturised ring of light that makes lighting an element whose style and functions blends perfectly with architecture. Any architect designing a space has to unite elements and functions and integrate them in a harmonious manner that enhances the value of the overall design and makes the architectural environment liveable. Blade R seeks to meet the twin requirement of functional and formal integration by combining various benefits and functions in a single product.

With its high level of visual comfort and a central core that can host a range of different certified devices to meet user requirements, including loudspeakers, smoke detectors, emergency lights, video cameras and BLE multi-sensors, Blade R develops the concept of integration in architecture to improve people’s well-being through the smart activation of safety, entertainment, comfort, sustainability and lighting scenario services. Blade R can also be controlled by smartphone using BLE protocol (Smart Light Control), use Smart Services activation through a beacon (i.e. push notification/indoor navigation/space management). A smart solution for a smart building: it is known that the Smart building is a construction whose systems are managed in an intelligent and automated way by a supervision and control infrastructure, in order to minimize energy consumption and guarantee comfort and safety and the health of the occupants, as well as ensuring integration with the electricity system. Blade R therefore helps to qualify buildings as intelligent.

Blade R can also be integrated with other iGuzzini luminaires, including Easy Tunable White and Wall Washer, Palco Framer and Laser.

Blade R has a number of different standard and order-only finishes, as well as a central cover that can be painted any colour in order to match the ceiling, blending seamlessly with the architecture. Available in frame or minimal versions and three different dimensions (80mm, 125mm and 170mm diameter) and 3 colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 4000K). Characterised by its extremely compact design (only 37-44mm high) Blade R can be recessed in any thickness of ceiling.

Another aspect that characterises Blade R is miniaturization, which regards not only the luminaire, but its components too. The technological innovation of latest generation LEDs, together with research into materials, optics and applications, have allowed every millimetre to be used and any superfluous space to be eliminated. The lamp is invisible and generates absolute visual comfort. The screening angle is high enough to hide the lamp from view, but this does not in any way compromise the product’s emission and efficiency. The light is aimed and maximised by a micro optical assembly that uses patented iGuzzini Opti Beam technology. This means the optic’s special (multi-faceted) texture amplifies the reflections of the rays emitted by the LED creating a sharp final effect with no colour flaws. Blade R High Contrast with Opti Beam emits a perfectly defined and uniform light beam.

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