acdc’s new Blade linear wall wash luminaire takes inspiration from the natural graze of the sun. Changing our nocturnal view of building and structures. Blade is fully loaded with new design innovations and defies convention.

Instead of using the traditional individual LEDs and optics methodology, Blade uses a single LED optic consistently running the full length of the product, eliminating any scalloping effect.

Two impressive outputs – standard bright 1900 lumens and extra bright output of 5000 lumens out-perform comparative products.

Blade’s efficiency is second to none – to give you an example Blade LRi uses 50 watts of power with an efficacy of 100lm/w.

acdc has pushed boundaries in design in the new Blade. Its Clean Beam Technology offers a new innovation in lighting. Blade incorporates a new colour-mixing chamber comprising of four components within the luminaire. This means that the purity of the colour is immediate on whatever surface is being lit, producing a pure graze of light.

The glare control used on Blade is completely different to the way anyone else is doing it. The light source is recessed into the body to provide a primary level of glare control. In addition its new micro louvre and diffusing film means acdc is leading the way in glare control, giving a further level of protection, making it incredibly comfortable to view in any environment.

acdc has designed Blade to be the slimmest architectural linear available. For the first time architects and lighting designers can achieve the lit effect they want by using a discreet (none distracting) linear luminaire.

With quick and easy installation, the connector, plug and plug solution, provides the minimum amount of fuss in the specification and installation process. acdc also provides an installation sleeve, through wire connector and link cable the length of its body to connect to the previous product.

acdc is also able to offer a complete architectural linear range comprising of three variants Blade Si – surface-mounted with integral driver, Blade Sx – surface-mounted external driver and LRi – recessed with integral driver. A range that can be precisely matched to the most specific project requirements and maintains design continuity.

There is a choice of four brackets starting from a simple 10-degree adjustable to a fully adjustable long arm bracket at 150mm and 300mm.

Four colour temperatures to choose from including RGBW.

All the Blade family is IP67 rated.

Blade LRi has an IK09 rating, walkover 1 tonnes and drive over 6 tonnes.

2-step MacAdam ellipse guaranteeing lighting continuity and consistency across each and every project.

Long lifetime in excess of 50,000hrs at 50-degrees Celsius, thanks to innovative design, engineering and thermal management.

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