Evoking the golden age of glamour, BKK Social Club celebrates the legendary allure of Buenos Aires and the energy of today’s Bangkok.

Guests approach the bar via a walkway adorned with chandeliers, overflowing with ferns that are subtly illuminated with globe lights and concealed striplighting. Gold cone downlights highlight the patterned stone floor in undulating pools of light.

Reminiscent of Argentine grand architecture, layers of colonnades invite guests to explore in all directions. Small, discreet uplights serve to accentuate the colonnade details, hinting at the gleaming quality of metal screens while allowing for them to be appreciated in silhouette.

The lighting ambiance is sensuous and seductive, with rich and warm tones to evoke the feel of candlelight and tungsten. This is achieved with gold cone 2400K architectural lighting, complemented by 2200K lighting in decorative lights. Upon entering, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the dramatic back bar, displaying an extensive spirits collection, flanked by textural green walls. Discreet downlighting hidden behind arches light these displays.

The gilded ceiling is a stunning feature ‘bejewelled’ with bespoke decorative globe pendants. It was a challenge getting these pendants to dim sufficiently such that they emit only a subtle glow and allows for the lighting atmosphere to remain low-key. High quality light sources which allowed for low dimming were selected after dimming tests. Downlights with precise optics were used sparingly to bring out colours in furniture. Small and beautiful gold fixtures were selected to complement the ceiling design and carefully placed in relation to the ceiling patterns.

The cocktail bar features green velvet upholstered banquettes with backrests stretching to the ceiling. Carefully concealed downlighting accentuates the colour and texture of the upholstery, adding to the luxurious feel of the banquettes. A decorative pendant serves as a visual focal point.

The layering of many small details is what makes the space feel refined and curated. For example, subtle brushstrokes of light are embedded in sleek wall metal details. Vintage look battery operated table lamps give added warmth and intimacy.

At the sides of the main bar space, two semi-outdoor courtyards allow for the enjoyment of cigars, socialising and outdoor landscape views. The illumination of feature trees and the use of glass pendants in these courtyards provide a great atmosphere and create a dazzling view when seen across a reflection pool.

The dimming quality had to be exceptional as the lights must be dimmed very low late in the night. We opted for DALI dimming by a lighting control system. High-quality drivers with power factor above 0.9 allowed us to achieve low dimming and smooth transitions between lighting scenes which morph from early evening to late night.

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