BioEffect is an Internationally acclaimed Icelandic bioengineering company that produces skin serum and skincare products. The flagship product, BioEffect EGF Serum, was launched in Iceland in May 2010. Since then, BioEffect has become a global success and is sold in premium stores worldwide. The BIOEFFECT company opened their flagship store in the newly renovated iconic building Rammagerdin in the heart of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.


The design of the store was realized through close collaboration with Basalt Architects and project coordinators from the BioEffect team.


One of the key goals of the lighting design was to provide lighting that was balanced, simple and elegant throughout the store. At the same time the goal was also to emphasize the iconic flagship products without producing unwanted shadows. This was achieved with careful selection and placement of luminaires, for example by integrating them in the displays.

In the store, BioEffect products are proudly displayed in the curved corner window, which is the building’s most recognizable feature. Subtle lighting illuminates the products which are placed on top of several pedestals. Along the peripheral walls of the store, floating shelves host numerous BioEffect products, testers and informative features related to the production process of the products. Gradient lighting is used to light up the eye-catching turquoise threading which is featured throughout the store. The floating shelves are visible both to ongoing pedestrians and visiting shoppers. The centrepiece of the store is a threaded table with gradient lighting. Above it, a floral crown aligned with LEDs provides comfortable lighting in the centre of the store.


Casambi controllable LEDs are used throughout the store and different scenes have been programmed to provide appropriate lighting and atmosphere for different times of the day. Careful consideration was taken to place lighting fixtures out of view to eliminate the risk of glare or visual discomfort of shop-goers. Decorative gradient lighting is used to light up the turquoise threads which are one of the main design features in the store. The floating shelves feature uniformly lit columns which offer a pleasing side-light to the products on display. The shelves are however also aligned with integrated LEDs which act as the main source of light on the products.

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