The concept for the new lighting of the Copacabana Palace’s hotel façade, celebrating its 100 years of glamorous existence, sought to reveal its soul.

The building’s eclectic architecture, beautifully renovated through the careful study of colors and completions by the restoration architect, was also supervised by IPHAN’s (National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute) team of expert architects. The new set of lighting reveals the details and rhythm that make up the building, while bringing a magnificent understanding of its entirety, providing the notorious Copacabana Beach night scene with a new version of its beloved icon.

The innovation comes from the artistic use of technology where, through a system of addressable color-changing LEDs and an intelligent programming control, this Carioca landmark remains young and relevant, communicating with the city, sending positive and meaningful messages.

The traditional color-specific dates such as Yellow September (Suicide Awareness), Pink October (Breast Cancer Awareness) and Blue November (Prostate Cancer Awareness) will have their place at the Belmond Copacabana Palace new façade. Festive dates such as Carnival, Christmas and New Year will also be celebrated with graphic and dynamic surprises.

Ultimately, the Copacabana Palace, which has always been a source of pride for the Cariocas, reaches its 100th anniversary with all its power and charisma.

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