We wanted to create a new lamp design that celebrates the beauty of wood, particularly Australian timber, in a sensual form. We created a shape accentuating the delicate wood grain and enveloping the NEOZ cordless lamp control unit.

Designed in-house by Peter Ellis and Gabriel Tam, the Bellingen cordless table lamp is crafted from the wood of the Camphor Laurel tree in Dorrigo, a small town located on the Northern Tablelands in northern New South Wales Australia. The town is part of Bellingen shire, home to NEOZ’s birthplace nearly forty years ago.

Although listed as vulnerable/endangered in Eastern Asia where this species originates, Camphor Laurel in the northern New South Wales and Queensland region is considered a highly invasive pest on the local native ecosystems. By working with the local communities, NEOZ has sourced Camphor Laurel trees from the riverbanks in the Bellingen region, inhibiting the local native species from growing freely.

This sustainably sourced hardwood is prepared and handcrafted by local craftsmen Jack Buchanan, who is passionate about restoring balance to the local ecosystem through sustainable practices. This ethos is demonstrated throughout the logging, drying, turning, and finishing process.

Camphor Laurel is a dense, evergreen tree producing hardwood timber known for its rich multi-coloured woodgrain, which is fragranced with and reminiscent of the crisp and clean camphor smell of its leaves when crushed. Its wood is naturally anti-bacterial because of the natural oils embedded within the timber, hence reducing microbial growth. The surface is finished with a clear, natural hard wax oil protection, making it hardy and resistant to the elements. It is an excellent hygienic addition for any hospitality space or personal space at home.

The Bellingen comes equipped with NEOZ’s time-tested cordless lamp control unit, complimented by a commercially ready recharging system that caters up to 48 lamps. The lamp is fitted with a custom-made 1W 2600K 95+ CRI LED light source and a 2900mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. This handcrafted cordless lamp can be paired with a hand-made cotton lampshade or a hand-blown glass lampshade, providing a direct downlight and soft diffused sidelight.

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