BAROLO TO HEAVEN is a site-specific installation by Emilio Ferro, created on November 1, 2019 with the support of the Fondazione Radical Design in Monforte d’Alba, the highest municipality among the 11 where Barolo is produced.

A mysterious project that actively involves the viewer and makes him participate in an unveiling, in an all-encompassing artistic journey, in an emotional crescendo that, starting from the historic centre of one of the most Beautiful Villages in Italy, leads to the discovery of the atavistic exchange between man and nature, between the sacredness and the symbolism of light. It is a journey that starts from the man-made landscape and leads the public to rediscover the natural landscape of the place through a path in the woods surrounded by darkness.

This work proposes the experience of exploration in a broader sense and is configured as an investigation of human perceptions, stimulated by a constellation of visual and sound stimuli. The mysterious project is revealed to the audience at the last, accompanied by an experimental electronic music / left-field techno: loudspeakers and light sources, placed in the dark space, are activated according to a precise score, thus creating an original dramaturgical journey.

The light crossed the structure of the ruin present at bricco San Pietro and cut the building with luminous slashes projected towards the sky. It was an artistic intervention that acted on the site in a non-invasive way, dialoguing with the space without distorting it. For several years, Emilio Ferro has been carrying out research on the materiality of light to recreate imaginary architecture. To experiment with light, with atmospheric agents, to see how light – a material and immaterial element at the same time – interacts with smoke, with fog and how this interaction amplifies its intensity. These musings have taken shape in the site-specific installation BAROLO TO HEAVEN.

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