Bamboo Pavilion is set up as an exhibition hall and built as part of the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition in Taiwan. The architect gets the inspiration from the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan and utilizes local green building material, Moso bamboo and Makino Bamboo, for the main construction. The perception of the user resembles walking through a bamboo forest, which enhancing the human experience. When raising their head, visitors could look up to the sky above the forest-top. So that it responses the core value of this flora expo, Green, Nature and People.

Lighting design concept is to enhance the visiting experience and to show the aesthetics of the architecture and the craftsmanship of bamboo. Fixtures mounted inside the pavilion illuminate the inner skin of bamboo weaving and create the lantern effect. Meanwhile, other narrow-beam fixtures graze the surface of the bamboo structure from the outside and draw the mirror image with the pool surrounded. Since the flora expo opened in November 2018, this pavilion has been crowded with visitors every day and night and has become the hottest check-in place of the city on Facebook and Instagram.

Creating a public space which users are willing to come and stay at night, and then leave with inner peace is the original intention of this project. And we use light to make it happen. In Taiwan, lighting design is not a profession that everyone will appreciate and recognize. As the lighting designer of this project, I think the most precious part is that we demonstrate to the general public and the government entity what can be done with lighting design and what kind of illumination environment can be created with low budget (less than 1,200 GBP)

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