Istanbul is a huge city that is multi-layered by art, distinctive architecture, history, and unique cultural textures. Balat district is one of the integral neighborhoods in the heart of the city in which visitors are appealed by the sincere, vivid and immersive atmosphere. Moreover, everyone recently refers this district as the “street of colorful houses” by this recognition. No matter which season you chose to come, you can see hanging clothes that parallel to the catenary street lights when you walk around these street but in recent days, municipal authorities are planning to impose restrictions on this tradition. I hope the art idea may allows to take a new approach to this topic. Definitely the complexity of these streets, the entanglement as well as the faces of the buildings, some of which are old and some of which have been stripped of their old traces with restoration, has always excited me. Therefore, this was the phenomenon that inspired me deeply to this art work.

This light art installation that hanged on the Balat Street; has come to life in the last few months with the production of carcass metals, the search for diffuser materials, mock-ups and finally mounting process on-site. The design idea was born two years ago all of a sudden. I started drawing immediately and tried to explain the idea which is in my mind with some renders and sketches. I was connected to the idea and enthusiastically finished the presentation. However it was placed on the shelf like a reading book and waited for the time to come true for a long while. When you move, it usually starts accelerate. (The idea of art installation, which was forgotten for a long time, was not only formed in an instant, but also accelerated. The Light Art Installation consists of 12 pieces that aim to add complementary colors and aesthetic light to the night view of the Balat Streets. 12 LED light-sourced objects are hung 9 meters high and oscillating in space just like other real life objects. This is the contrast between shapes of art objects instead of hanging real clothes as traditional. Rigid, sharp formed and repetitive art objects versus fabrics that glide by their own weight…

This art installation is just a mirror of those streets, colorful houses, real life objects that are waiting to dry with real fabrics right next to them and will continue to be used. All these hanging pieces are just a point where art and daily life meet, and a tiny moment you see while walking on the street. Recently, the installation provides energetic atmosphere and cheerful contribution to street which is making a new attraction thus visitors share their experience on digital media platforms This is an art object which is illuminated, colorful and contains a bit of prank, which suddenly appear on the street effortlessly. I think this point makes the design attractive for the visitors.

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