A series of nights parties had been held by Badoo dating service at the historic mansion in the Moscow city centre.

All lighting fixtures had to be temporary and anti-vandal because other events were also organised at the mansion between the parties.

Badoo is an online dating service. The client would like to create an unusual, inspirational and crazy atmosphere for their most active users and help them to forget about the daily routine and cold weather outside.

So the main lighting purpose was to convert the mansion into the surreal space on the border between reality and the virtual world. To emphasise the client`s commercial identity, space was brand by pink and purple colours in lighting and decorations. The 3000K colour temperature of the functional spotlights was used to provide enough light for safety and visual comfort.

Cybernetic details like neon wires, projections and multimedia screens supported the image of the online dating service virtual reality

Floor 1. (Reception)

The huge upstairs window was clearly seen from the entrance and invited visitors towards a reception zone but offered a messy inner yard view. We used a dichroic filter as the glass covering to hide the courtyard. RGB linear fixtures were placed on the porches outside and directed diagonally upward into the room to backlit the window and illuminate the walls and ceiling without any glare for guests.
Two table lamps at the reception desk created additional vertical illumination for the more comfortable communication.

Floor 2. (Bar, DJ table, dance floor, photo zone)

Two lighting scenes were synchronized with multimedia content on TV screens and walls. The first scene was designed for an “easy-speak bar” mode from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. Narrow lighting spots focused on the tables, DJ zone and bar created a restaurant atmosphere. The second scene transformed the area into a dance hall until the end of the party.

The most catchy detail on the second floor was a flexible RGB LED neon that simulated wires inside a multimedia installation above the bar. Four large neon loops came out of it onto the ceiling creating smooth general lighting above the dance floor.

Floor 3. (Lounge area; fur benches, a mountain of pillows and silver sofas in the “purple jungle”)

The glowing LED balls inside the dichroic glassy tables created a colourful distortion. Narrow pink lighting spots were scattered around the hall touching the furniture edges and curtain. Warm oval-shaped lighting spots on the bar was the main source of illumination of the bartenders’ workplace.

The lavatory area filled with flowers were lit by two types of colour spotlights located behind the plants. Halftone shadows visually increased the number of plants inside the room.

Stairs were ambiently lit from pink on the 1st floor to the deep blue at the top of the dome. An intangible screen between stairwells was created by the controlled laser system on the ground floor that was directed strictly upward.

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