Just when you thought gym clubs couldn’t get any more awesome (or ‘lit’, if you’re a Gen Z).

Lightivity has designed the exterior and interior lighting schemes on the new B_FIT flagship leisure and fitness facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Developed by leisure experts, Armah Sports Company, with interior design by Shed Design, the ground-breaking club integrates ‘smart’ technology to enrich each members’ personal experience.

The new, innovative club boasts a stunning range of cutting-edge workout spaces, including immersive Spin Cycle & HIIT fitness studios which both incorporate the latest interactive lighting and music systems. For a more relaxing workout, gym users can take advantage of the yoga and pilates studios, where the lighting is adapted for a calmer, more mindful experience.

The club takes fitness to new levels with state-of-the-art gym facilities, a virtual reality space, a boxing ring and a specialised ‘performance zone’ which has its own dedicated, interactive lighting solution. In the performance zone, the lighting changes colour depending on your level of workout intensity, helping to keep levels of motivation and endorphins at an all-time high.

Oh, and did we mention it has an interactive running track too? For the keener runner, the track has an overhead linear pixel LED which can be
programmed to create a visual running pacemaker for each lap. Not your everyday running experience!

Designed to enhance the interior design, Lightivity has used a combination of concealed and expressed lighting solutions, including various colour lighting throughout. A special club deserves special lighting, which is why Lightivity developed some huge bespoke lighting pendants located within the atrium lounge. Upon entering the club, gym users are treated with this overhead visual delight.

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