Borrowed from Nature is a new player in the development of eco-conscious & nature-inspired lighting products, with the aim of raising appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between light & darkness and its role in the sustainability of our ecosystem.

B-Module, launched as the first product in their line, is a range of LED modules that recreates the visual drama of natural, dappled light into your space – be it indoors or outdoors – in the simplest way possible.

Originally developed for an eco-resort project within a national rainforest park, the design intent was to create a naturalistic and visually appealing nocturnal setting whilst minimising the impact of artificial lighting on the indigenous flora and fauna. Guided by research into the ecological impact of artificial lighting, the B-Module was designed to mimic the scattered light & shadow filtering through trees that occurs in natural environments.

Thanks to the engineered technique (under patent processing) of using multi-chip LED sources combined with special refractive optics, the B-Module produces a dappled lighting effect that incorporates a variation of light & dark intensities adaptable to the luminance suitable for specific applications, and an eco-sensitive spectral range inspired by the spectrum of the lunar cycle. Three beam angles are available – 20d, 35d, and 60d – providing flexibility in terms of area of coverage and the degree of pattern diffusion/focus to suit the scenario.

The B-Module is a ‘plug & play’ stand-alone system without the need for complicated lighting control and programming. It is equipped with built-in driver and ‘memory’ to create naturalistic dappled transitions and movements using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to incorporate pre-installed factory settings. A proprietary B-Module app is also currently being developed to make various control settings available to all types of users. Optionally, the B-Module can also be fully integrated into a central lighting control system such as DALI, in which case enhanced dynamic lighting capabilities such as synchronized dimming, CCT control, etc. are possible. With DALI, the B-Module also accepts standard DALI-2 commands such as status reporting, energy consumption measures, and the like.

Designed using a modular concept, the B-Module is fully scalable, allowing one luminaire to be fitted with a single or multiple dynamic modules. Built using all solid-state electronics with no mechanical components, the B-Module is rated at 100,000 hours operating lifetime. Complete with a 48V DC low-voltage input and an IP54 rating on its own, it fits into a wide range of indoor and outdoor luminaires, providing optimum flexibility for different applications. The same specifications also make B-Module suitable for use with battery packs or solar-powered installation.

The development of B-Module is a step towards inspiring a renewed interest in nature and, subsequently, drawing attention to pressing environmental concerns.

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