A newly renovated AZ Financial Service building is one of the main business buildings located in the centre of Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Since it is the first office of AZ Financial Service in the city, our biggest goal was highlighting the identity of the corporate through the architectural elements and to be well-blended into the surroundings. The landscape lighting was designed to provide a strong eye-catching light effect that helps people to recognize the brand identity as well as promotes the brand equity.

Blue colour of light is used for the primary colour as it is corporate’s brand colour, and several scenarios of patterns are designed to visualize an image of abundance and prosperity. The design intent is to emphasize the intersection points of this weaving architecture. Flood lights installed at the top and bottom of the façade wash the entire building from both sides while recessed up-lighting makes various patterns on the middle of the façade. These lighting patterns helps the building to be inviting and friendly to the public while they show the corporate’s brand.

To achieve this lighting effect, the technical strategy is to control lighting by astronomical time clock control system along with DMX512 control system for changing colours, the brightness, and patterns. The time clock control system can provide multiple presets for different lighting scenes of the facade based on times of day: morning, evening, and night. The top part of light is turned off at certain time of night to prevent light pollution as the neighbourhood is a residential area.

It’s meaningful project because the lighting of AZ financial building contributes to the beauty of nightscape in the city in a level of the community and gives prides and joy to their employees in a level of individual.

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