Axyl Greet B is an illuminated bollard that transcends conventions and sets new standards in both aesthetics and sustainability. Designed for entrances and pathways, the bollard is available in single or double light emission versions and three mounting heights presenting an aesthetically pleasing solution that blends into diverse architectural landscapes. Complementing the bollard are coordinating Axyl Greet Wall luminaires, offering a comprehensive lighting solution for outdoor spaces.

Embracing the Night Sky: A Dark Sky Responsible Solution

Axyl Greet B takes pride in its commitment to environmental responsibility, standing out as a dark sky responsible solution with an impressive 0% ULOR (Upward Light Output Ratio). This enhances the luminaire’s aesthetic appeal and minimises light pollution, preserving the night sky and local wildlife for all to enjoy.

Seamless Connectivity and Control

Axyl Greet B leads the way in connectivity, featuring best-in-class Dali2 onboard as a standard feature across all three luminaire sizes. Both single and double emission variants benefit from this advanced connectivity, offering architects and designers unparalleled control over the lighting environment. This level of connectivity ensures easy integration of Axyl Greet into sophisticated lighting systems.

Unparalleled Light Quality and Consistency

Setting a new benchmark, Axyl Greet B achieves best-in-class light quality and consistency with a remarkable Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 and a MacAdam Ellipse 3SDCM. This guarantees exceptional colour accuracy and consistency, elevating the overall visual experience for users and reinforcing the luminaire’s position as a premium outdoor lighting solution.

Flexible Installation Options

Axyl Greet B can be installed directly onto the pavement, or there is an optional concrete-in mounting accessory for extra security. This versatility in installation ensures that architects have the freedom to adapt the luminaire to diverse outdoor environments, enhancing its adaptability.

Premium Design: Harmonising Form and Function

Axyl Greet B isn’t just a bollard; it’s a design statement. It strategically conceals connecting mechanical parts – the bollard appears as one simple, solid structure. This simplified design approach reduces visual noise, guaranteeing Axyl Greet B integrates into its surroundings while exuding timeless elegance.

Resilient Paint Finish: Endurance and Beauty

The die-cast aluminium undergoes a rigorous paint finish process, starting with material surface preparation and a stone wash treatment to ensure optimal paint adhesion. Its intensive three-step paint application and a surface treatment containing ceramic nanoparticles result in a highly dense protective coating guarantying a stunning visual appeal and durability in the face of UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Axyl Greet B – Illumination with Purpose

Axyl Greet B is a prime example of responsible design, connectivity, and aesthetic excellence. With its commitment to dark sky responsibility, effortless connectivity, unparalleled light quality, flexible installation options, premium design, and paint finish, Axyl Greet B is a luminaire with purpose—a symbol of outdoor elegance that goes beyond illumination.

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