AVATAR TWIST is a modern lineal design inspired by the wake of shooting stars. A line of light crossing the space.

Consisting of black aluminium profile with LED PCB and polycarbonate diffuser, AVATAR TWIST is based on a wall-to-wall lighting concept, without vertical suspension accessories.

It must be fixed on two walls, or solid constructed surfaces (columns, pilasters, ceilings). Fake walls will require back-wall reinforcement to hold the strength of tensed cables.

It can also be installed from ceiling to floor or on sloping ceilings, allowing up to a 10º angle with the anchoring walls.

Some of the characteristics that make AVATAR TWIST special are that it has been created with a system that allows 360º manual rotation once installed, and its big dimensions, reaching a length up to 10 metres of illuminated profile, in a maximum distance of 12 meters from wall to wall. Therefore, we can illuminate large spaces and redirect the light where it is desired.

These particularities make AVATAR TWIST a highly functional design due to its different display possibilities, becoming a model that will solve the lighting needs of demanding projects in 2 ways:

* a lighting solution with the required lumens and dimmable possibilities
* a personal interior solution as per the illuminated lines crossing the indoor space

Its utilities turn this lighting design into the perfect option to illuminate areas with ceilings that are difficult or impossible to access. It is also a good choice when you need to respect those decorated ceilings.

AVATAR TWIST is a great solution for designers when they want to create a space lay-out of **light lines crossing throughout the interior, combining several of them at different heights and with different angles, creating a great visual impact.

Among its technical specifications, AVATAR TWIST is tensed by steel cables end-to-end minimizing the catenary visual effect. The steel cables allow to adapt the lighting model length to each interior space, adding or reducing the final length with the stainless-steel cable.

AVATAR TWIST is very flexible when it comes to the connection with the main power supply location at each room.

It is provided with all the necessary material for installation: profiles easily interconnected among them (facilitating transport and handling), interconnecting cables for modules, driver, canopies and more, to make installation easy.

It has 4 meters of electrical cable from the profile to the driver in order to connect with the main power supply of the premises where is installed. Connection can be done either from the left or right side of the AVATAR TWIST profile, just following the electrical installation instructions.

It is supplied with CRI>90 LED PCB one-meter length profiles, customizable every 25 cm. It works with constant current at 700mA, 17.2 Watts/meter, 1.285 lm/meter at 3000K and 1.344 lm/m at 4000K. It can also be supplied with dimmable options.

Definitely, AVATAR TWIST is a great lighting solution, very useful and functional while an amazing eye-catcher for any interior.

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