The Aero Auto Tracking Light (ATL). is an innovative solution for hotel lighting and scene setting, allowing for easy setup for multifunction halls to adapt to ballrooms, conferences, and restaurants.

When infrared remote-control light was introduced a decade ago, it was soon utilised in hotel ballrooms with high ceilings. However, infrared remote-control light comes with challenges – the remote controller has to aim at a small red dot at a distance of 4-5 metres away, and with a maximum control distance of 5 metres, this was not suitable to reach double height ceilings.

Lighting commissioning is always a huge challenge on high ceilings, yet Aero Light has provided a pioneering solution through ATL. This system combines motorised lighting, Indoor Position System (IPS) light focusing, dimming control, and lighting scene setting in one single system.

This IPS and ATL technology is a breakthrough for the lighting industry and makes architectural lighting and the focusing of high ceiling lighting safe, efficient, and straightforward.

Using the Aero Light System, the ATL is placed onto the table that needs illuminating. The selected ATL fixture then auto-focuses on to the tracker. ATL can follow the movement of a palm-size light tracker, and when larger tables or objects require illuminating, the beam angle can be adjusted to encompass the whole table.

Dimming control and scene setting is wireless, and the colour temperature can be tuned from 4000K (natural white) to 1800K (warm ambience) to welcome different groups of guests. This makes light focusing and scene setting easy and flexible, dramatically increasing the efficiency of setting up lighting events and switching seamlessly between a space’s purpose, from a formal business conference in the day to a ball in the evening. This makes the running of events for hotels simple and efficient, saving time and delivering a better event experience for guests by catering to their specific requirements.

The entire process can be completed in 10 seconds, even by those using the ATL for the first time. ATL has 3 simple methods of control – via the app (free via iPhone or iPad), wireless light tracker, and wall keypad. The Aero Light Control app is user-friendly, with a visualised interface, and powerful. The wall keypad is easily installed with no additional wiring required. Lighting scenes can be controlled by the app or wall keypad with a simple click. Using the latest Bluetooth Mesh Technology, Aero Light ATL can self-establish a wireless network between the installed lights, relaying signals and transferring commands between ATL, providing a safe and stable connection.

ATL is an aesthetically sleek and minimalist ceiling downlight, with recessed installation and a slimline trim. This reduces the impact it has against the overall design, blending seamlessly into any aesthetic. A customised finishing service is available to match any hotel interior, ensuring the downlight can be effortlessly blended into the ceiling.

ATL has passed the EMC signal anti-interference test, ageing and thermal testing, and is awarded with CCC certification.

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