Launched in 2019, Aurora is our latest chandelier fixture and is named after the spectacular natural display in the northern hemisphere. With Aurora, we set ourselves the challenge of drawing with light, emulating the streak of light captured in a long exposure photograph or the trail of a bright light in motion. This fitting brings that ambition to life with energy and modernity.

A sinuous aluminum ring circles around itself in a series of subtle waves to create Aurora’s fluid form. Gentle LED light is emitted from integrated silicon diffusers that twist and flow with the curve of the tubes, which are produced with Japanese 3D tube-bending technology. Suspended by fine steel cables that also connect to the power source, Aurora almost appears to float freely.

“To simulate the motion of energy or light, we looked to Japanese 3D tube-bending technology to form the seamless, freeflowing and lightweight design of Aurora. We paired this with discreetly-embedded LEDs and a soft silicon diffuser to create a unique shape, free from the constraints of more traditional metal forming techniques.” Chris Fox, Luum creative director

Established in 2015, Luum is dedicated to the design, manufacture and delivery of spectacular light installations that stir a sense of wonder, excitement and energy. We set out to transform interior spaces with sculptural fixtures, to capture movement and fix it in the form of light.

We produce a standalone collection of light fittings and contemporary installations, customising these for our clients across residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. Each product is handmade in the UK and we carefully direct every part of the process, from initial concept to design, prototyping and installation. Beyond our studio collection, we work with leading interior designers, architects and specifiers to produce one-off, large-scale lighting installations for some of the world’s finest interiors.

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