The inspiration for the creation of AURORA lamps were the effects that appear when the light refracts on the horizon, spherical circles are formed in the sky, creating unique compositions, sometimes quite abstract, sometimes geometric.

The first version was designed for the PURO hotel as ceiling lamps. The lampshades are hand-made of blown glass, which, thanks to the formed circles, diffuses the light in the form of geometric shapes on the ceiling. AURORA lamps are available in three versions. Ceiling lamps can be installed as an additional decorative element covering most of the available downlights or concealing other basic lighting. This solution allows the use of DALI drivers. Thanks to this, it is easily to redesign the existing lighting, completely changing its character. Special metal rings allow to mount the glass shade quickly and use the existing lamps only as a light source. Various colours of metal rings and glass shades make it possible to adapt to the colour of the interior. In another version, the ceiling lamps have independent light sources. This version is perfect for use as ceiling lamps or wall sconces at the same time. The simplicity of assembly makes it possible to arrange various compositions, for example several lamps forming a line or any geometric shape.

AURORA lamps, at the same time simple in their geometry, give great opportunities to create an interior climate and interesting lighting.

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