The lighting project is inspired by street food venue; Informal spaces that offer exquisite local or international delicacies, practical to eat. These are strategically located in transit places of public space; corners that illuminate the hungry nights of the city. They are spaces with variable light characteristics, mix of CCT values, non-decorative applications, saving energy lamps, and almost all of these fixtures are an addition to the space. These might be related to solution momentarily the immediate needs of their context, light to eat and why not, to surprise.

Atomic is a restaurant of Thai cuisine. The project is located on the open floor of a mixed-use building in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. The architects generated a bar that is in the center of the space as the core of the main activities of the restaurant. Textured glass curtains and plants were used to give a hazy appearance on the perimeter of the place. Atomic was conceived as a casual experience of Asian cuisine, mainly Thai. The chef Imagine a concept beyond food.

Atomic, in its etymology means the process of either splitting an atom, known as fission, or joining two atoms, fusion, to create energy. We embedded the lighting fixtures to the architectural intentions. Colors, flashes, transparencies, repetitions, refraction, light phenomena that occur in a cyclic order given by light controls, are the lighting criteria that are used to give the place an energetic identity. All the use of zenith lighting is discarded, to give prominence to the glass curtain and thus highlight the limits of the space by wrapping the diner in this architectural Atomic fog.

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