Athena is the newest architectural lighting control system by Lutron. A simple, flexible, all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with the magic of light.

It marries best-in-class control, unparalleled flexibility, and simple app-based setup in a solution that is optimal for new construction and renovations and is ideally suited to handle the evolving needs of commercial spaces.

Especially now, as commercial spaces are rethinking occupancy patterns and ease of use, Athena is built to meet today’s uncharted design challenges while delivering flexibility for the future.

Key features include:

• Universal fixture-control capabilities – control all load types from a single product with no minimum load requirements.

• A right-sized processor accommodates the design and budget in both small and large spaces such as intimate restaurants, art galleries and museums, and hotel public areas.

•A wide range of control technologies, smart shading solutions, and personal control – from simple wireless remotes to sophisticated keypads, occupancy, and daylight sensors that easily accommodate timeclock interface.

• Simple-to-use mobile iOS application for real time programming and personalization. Quickly make adjustments for a special event, and just as easily return to the original settings.

• Seamless API integration to building management systems for centralized monitoring and management

• Flexible and retrofit-friendly – Athena cloud-updatable software is easy to keep current and offers a smart lighting and shade solution that can be easily rezoned, reprogrammed and repurposed at any time. Make changes on your own time with no need for 3rd-party assistance.

• More zones for more control – split DALI fittings into as many zones as necessary without sacrificing scene control or light quality; fixtures will not experience popcorning or missed cues from a button press

The Athena soluton is designed to deliver quality light, natural light, a connection to the outdoors, and control options that are focused on enhancing the human experience.

Athena brings the power of full intensity and color temperature control of DALI Type 8 fixtures to the designer’s fingertips. Best-in-class fade times with independent control of intensity and color temperature create harmony between interior light and natural daylight.

Athena invites architects and designers to extend natural light deep into the built environment, far beyond the window’s reach. Most people spend their days under static light that doesn’t change.

Design Without compromise – Simple Apps, Universal Fixture Control and a Full Complement of Control Options.

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