Nestled in the heart of Singapore, ASTRA (meaning ‘star’ in Latin) is an interpretation of the supernova phenomenon – the most brilliant explosion of a star that can sometimes outshine entire galaxies. Similarly, an encapsulation of the city’s urban energy, ASTRA is a conflux of steel, forged 280 meters on top of the iconic pinnacle of One Raffles Place. The intricate geometry of this permanent sculpture is accentuated by the dynamic illumination it emits. A spectrum of colours pulse in infinite patterns, creating a beacon against the ethereal skies of the city.


Project Team: Client : OUE
Artist Team : Jun Ong, Ronald Lim, Brendan Tee, Wan Zhi Kai
Art Consultant : The Artling (Talenia Phua Gajardo, Kim Tay, Madi Amin)
Lead Fabricator : UAP (Dane Currey, Anthony Zhou)
Lighting Consultant & Programmer : Ledscontrol (Rebeca Sanchez, Nayan Lleonart)
Installer : Natal Industries (Ong Beng Hui)
Electrical & AV Consultant : E&E (Joe Fong, Chen Shiuh Yang)
Structural Engineer : KCL (He Zhihong)
Submitting Architect : ATA Architects
Rooftop Architect : Studio NVS
Rooftop ID : MSDO

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