ArcSystem Navis is a line of modular luminaires prioritising versatility and customisation. When combined with the F-Drive LED power system, users add the simplicity of low voltage lighting from a centralised, modular distribution system. Together, ArcSystem Navis and F-Drive deliver a completely scalable and customisable LED system to facilities of any size.

The Navis 100 LED luminaire is designed to bring high quality light to any location imaginable. These luminaires prioritise ease of installation, hassle-free maintenance, in-field customisation, and beautiful beams of light. High-grade TIR optics and stepless dimming are a constant across the highly modular luminaires. Navis 100 is available in colour temperatures ranging from 2700 K to 5000 K as well as an RGBW colour-mixing option. Out in the field, users can fine-tune the look of the luminaires by adjusting beam angles or changing trim plates and optical accessories within seconds. Additionally, the Navis 100 recessed luminaire readily transforms its look by sliding and locking into the optional Pendant or Surface Cylinder hardware. For an elegant, traditional look, the 3000 K luminaire is available with Fade to Warm technology, beautifully mimicking the red-shift of incandescent light sources as it dims. Designed with the installation process in mind, Navis luminaires feature three wind-down clamps catering to ceiling thickness from 0.5 to 20 mm. Adjustments are easy with a 30-degree tilt that doesn’t break the ceiling plane, a 360-degree rotation to focus light anywhere, and a tool-operated pan/tilt lock. Daisy-chaining capabilities using standard Category type cable further simplify the installation process.

F-Drive pulls power supplies for Navis and other LED solutions together in one accessible system. From the convenience of an electrical room or cabinet, easily service and modify the critical components controlling LED luminaires. Choose from the F-Drive R12 rack or the W1 wall-mount option depending on the facility’s needs. F-Drive R12 features swappable output cards for a fully customisable system, with 12 slots powering four channels each. The driver cards are hot-swappable, allowing change or replacement without compromising power for the rest of the lighting system. F-Drive features 48 VDC input powered by an external power supply and controls LED luminaires via DMX with RDM configuration, management, and monitoring. RJ45 output connectors simplify cable infrastructure and allow connection of multiple luminaires. Additional wire terminals are also included for constant voltage applications, higher power requirements, or use of existing building wiring.

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