The fine art of light

A visit to a museum or gallery can be an unforgettable experience if the design, architecture, and lighting are perfectly aligned. Only then can artworks breathe and be appreciated in their purest form.

The lighting of precious works of art is a delicate science all about balance.
The right lighting brings out the unique character of the next masterpiece and provides an exciting visual experience.

Zumtobel’s ARCOS III spotlight is the third generation in the ARCOS family – a highly flexible lighting tool perfect for creating compelling new lighting solutions for museum curators and lighting designers.

ARCOS III has been developed to meet the constantly changing requirements of exhibition spaces. Designed by David Chipperfield, the third generation of the ARCOS spotlight family, allows Zumtobel to offer absolute freedom in terms of presentation and dramaturgy.

ARCOS III brings artworks to life with new ways to stage art and create exhibition designs with appealing scenography.

All in focus

For the first time, an innovative zoom focus function enables each individual work to be lit differently to bring out its unique character.

The zoom focus lens gives the ability for light distribution to be flexibly and precisely adapted to the size of the artwork as a light cone with a soft-focus or hard edge for objects. The extremely precise light distribution ensures maximum uniformity and strong contrast enabling artworks to be illuminated with the maximum proportion of light without disruptive light scatter.

Mixing warm and cool

ARCOS III uses the Monza method, which recommends warm-white and cool-white colour temperatures paired with flood and spotlight light distribution for exceptional illumination.

This can be achieved via the tunableWhite technology, which combines high colour rendering with balanced light distribution to create different atmospheres, emphasise colours and materials and meet a wide range of requirements for art exhibitions, styles and objects.

Combining the tunableWhite technology with variable beam angles makes it possible to create unusual lighting concepts. Lighting scenes and settings can be easily adjusted via the app using Bluetooth basicDim Wireless, DALI, or onboard the luminaire directly.

The tunableWhite technology also offers reliable protection for sensitive materials by illuminating artworks gently and only when required using the lowest Kelvin value warm-white and the lowest luminance possible.

The amount of light needed, and collateral light scatter are minimised, with significant energy savings and a reduction in potential damage caused by optical radiation – choosing ARCOS III is a win-win.

A high colour rendering Ra > 96 for stable white and a low colour shift (MacAdam2) ensure an exhibit is seen in its best light.

Testament to the ranges’ success the product family won a Red Dot Award in 2021.

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