The brief from the client was for a low impact almost floating clean and minimal building without clutter and fuss which would blend within the natural surroundings of the area.

After spending a great deal of time finding a plot of land in Guernsey to develop and painstakingly obtaining the planning consent through clever use of the natural materials on the site and being sensitive to the surrounding area and topography Studio Otto and Hugo Light Design Ltd worked together to integrate concealed lighting within the fabric of the building as much as possible from planning stage until completion. This ensured the lighting was not only unexpected and considered but also created a language that runs through the entire house avoiding the “Bolt ons” which look like an after thought. The client thankfully had fantastic taste in decorative pendants which accentuate the clean modernity that both Studio Otto and Hugo Light Design strive for rather than detracting from the carefully chosen material pallet and nuances in colour.

Thankfully we had a spectacular sunset for the photography of the house and with the help of a drone which allowed for great results to be achieved by Adam Lynk Photography.

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