The new Archiline family features a wide range of linear lighting fixtures with multiple configuration options that fit every lighting requirement. They can be installed with recessed mounting with steel or aluminium flange or without flange or in the wall version.

The features that make this family of products unique and extremely versatile are: wide range of optics (Narrow Spot, Spot, Medium Flood, Flood, Wall Washer and Elliptic 20°x50°) different lengths and power packs, the choice between monochrome versions (warm white and natural white) and multi-colour RGBW.

Electrical, mechanical and thermal protections ensure a long operating life for Archiline. These lighting fixtures are equipped with a TCS® valve, specially designed to prevent moisture from forming inside the body, while safeguarding the integrity of electrical circuits and LEDs (only available in Archiline_W versions).

The Archiline also comes with a variety of electrical protections (ESD and OVP) and thermal protections that ensure proper functioning and maximum safety. The lighting fixtures cables are equipped with the exclusive Aquastop sealing system (excluding the Archiline_W version).

Linea Light Group technicians have designed special dark-light shields that eliminate direct glare by shielding light where not needed. A lighting fixture equipped with the dark-light shield does not dazzle the observer thus ensuring maximum visual comfort while maintaining excellent efficiency. In addition to avoiding glare, this component creates a spot of lights free from flaws and reduces light pollution in outdoor spaces, reducing night-time lighting, thus safeguarding the environment.

The Archiline products feature a wide range of optics that allows them to respond appropriately to any lighting need.

The available optics are: Symmetrical optics capable of emitting vertical beams defined by their width offering the choice between Narrow Spot, Spot, Medium Flood and Flood. Ideally suited to highlight architectural elements and clearly define light and shade.

Elliptical optics: Elliptic 20°x50° is the ideal optic to remarkably enhance all the features of a wall.

Asymmetrical optics: the Asymmetric Wall Washer optics (asymmetric light beam) allows for a completely homogeneous wall effect.

All these optics feature a very high reflectance and efficacy.

The Archiline PRO version features a high efficacy (100 lm/W) and it is the best lighting fixture to light very high walls.

A stainless-steel directional graduated bracket allows to easily fasten it. Equipped with a 5-mm thick extra clear toughened glass cover and silk-screened in black along the edge for a maximum visual comfort. Thanks to the RGBW technology with colour blending in the optics, the colours are combined together in an optical unit, because of suitably treated lenses optimised for a particularly high efficacy and more and more performing RGBW LEDs, where a single diode gathers together pure white and the three RGB colours (red, green and blue); all this allows to gain a better colour blending compared to traditional systems, as well as to produce not only an endless variety of colour nuances, but also a pure white that is not affected by RGB colours.

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