For the lighting concept, Vittorio and Francesca Storaro were inspired by the symbolism of the JANUS divinity.

In ancient times, “The things of the Gods” gave the world of the human an order capable of orienting space and time.

It is in the initial luminosity in the sky of the DAWN, which makes itself visible to our conscience, the God of SUNRISE, the JANUS of the beginning of life, appears to us. It is then with solar heat, that the God of MORNING: QUIRINO, identified as the founder of Rome, places his ancient order on the City of Rome.

It is with the rays of the God of the DAY: GIOVE, who most of all represents the LIGHT, in which he is numbered among the divinities of the Origins. In the sphere of the centuries, the chromatic tones of the various moments of the MORNING and EVENING have always been considered of Divine origin.

JANUS, God of the “Passage” from the old year to the New Year, from the Past to the Future, from the stillness of peace to the dynamism of war, God of the beginnings, represents one of the most ancient divinities of Roman, Latin and Italic religion. Divinity with two faces can look at the Future and the Past and, as God of the door, can see both inside and outside.

Janus was in charge of the gates, of the passages and of the bridges: he kept the entrance and the exit, bearing the ianitores, a key and a stick, while the two faces watched in both directions; entry and exit. Those doors of his temple from the “God of the Event” were opened wide in time of war and closed in time of peace.

The lighting, completely with LED architectural lights, regulated by the DALI management system, starts from the heart of the world, from the central area of the interior of the ARC to FOUR ARCATES … from the dawn of time. A strong shade of ORANGE colour, which looks like rising from the EARTH, rises from the bottom on the walls inside the arches: the GIANO of every beginning. It then fades, rising as in every morning, the divinity of QUIRINO rises, symbolically illuminating the city with an OCRE colour that, not settling, continues to rise towards the SKY, transforming its chromatic tonality into the brightness of the YELLOW colour, of the shining DAY of GIOVE. The whole interior of the four arches symbolically completes the first turn of the morning sun.

The external walls with the symbolic DOORS of opening and / or closing according to the period of War or Peace, follow the light tonality of the daily going, from the cold or warm tonality according to their direction EAST / WEST or SOUTH / NORTH. The first with the WHITE / WARM tone of going towards the SUNSET of the SUN, the second with the WHITE / COLD tone of going towards the rising of the MOON.

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