Our client had a clear brief, complete property solution to suit his family now and for the future, allowing for changing needs and technological advances. including, complete controllable innovative, LED lighting design,. All which could be managed remotely.

A hilltop coastal location. We had to ensure that the fittings were durable and suitable for the environment. Avoiding light pollution we selected suppliers who could provide bespoke products with specific beam widths. These were precisly placed on multiple lighting circuits to ensure that the controllable lighting is suitable for all occaisions, seasons and family occaisions.

On the double height apex we recessed dimmable warm white led in custom channel to reflect the same design repeated inside the house, this can be viewed from outside and is an echo of the design, with the circular pendant installations reflecting on the glass, creating a sense of infinity.

We used small inground led fittings with 12 degree beams to wash the textured wall.

Low level bollards were used to illuminate outdoor space and driveway. we had to take into consideration construction planned for the future.

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