Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous avenues in the world. The ornate Beaux-Art style buildings that line the famous tree-lined boulevard have been synonymous with Parisian living for centuries. Accessed via a beautiful 19th century Parisian passage, Apple Champs-Élysées captures the essence of this bustling metropolis by creating a unique interior courtyard within a quintessential Parisian apartment, carefully interweaving several layers of history with contemporary, light-filled and inviting spaces.

This layered approach allows visitors to appreciate the history of the location, as they pass through the display areas in different rooms, catching framed glimpses of the historic fabric from the contemporary spaces and vice-versa. The relationship and their unique characteristics are reflected in the lighting design with subtle changes of colour temperature and shifting the focus on various architectural features. In the contemporary spaces, the wallwashers compliment the table lighting for display areas by highlighting the multi storey stone cladded walls. In the historical areas, the wall mounted picture lights and the narrow beam miniature downlights are used to contrast this approach with the continuation of table integrated display lighting.  The entrance passage and the courtyard at the end of it are lit by a combination of up-lights and accents on the trees and intricate decorative features to accent both the heritage and contemporary additions. The light levels in all spaces are carefully balanced with the help of a complex controls system. This system includes multiple scenes for different times of day in response to changing lighting conditions and special events.

A unique feature for this store is the Kaléidoscope solar roof-light that covers the courtyard, featuring mirrored pyramids that re-direct sunlight onto the internal façades and the floor below. Powerful moving head projectors with adjustable beams are concealed behind the Video Wall which faces the entrance. Reflected through the Kaléidoscope, their fragmented light beams fall on the historic façade as a second layer of light, creating a dynamic juxtaposition of new and old. With the subtle movement of these projectors and the slow transition of colour temperature from day to evening, the effect changes throughout the day and night and as one moves in the building, offering a new experience from every corner.

The innovative spirit and juxtaposition of old and new is mediated through light, which reflects the dynamism of the new while respecting the historic nature of the space, making it a truly unique experience.

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