The “Apis” is spike spot luminaire which gives huge answer to designers with color scale, beam angles, changable lumens and its fully IP rated body.

The body’s height is 330mm, diameter is 64mm and its made of aluminium which has less zinc with enjection mold. After this process, for longevity of luminaire, it covered by cataphoresis and painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Thermal heat and humidity that will be generated due to natural environment conditions are discharged with the help of brass check valve connector placed in the back.

The “Apis” keeps the optimal temperature even in high ambient conditions and high degree heat conditions. The UV filtered polycarbonate windows are able to use for exterior lighting projects in cities which has high levels of sunlight or sand abrasion. Also it offers easy usage in any type of user and projects with its light source which is GU10 led bulb.

The desired lighting effect can be precisely adjusted with internal optical accessories like honeycomb and visor. With its round outlines, aesthetic stance, this lighting luminaire is adaptable for all design features and it takes attention of designers with its integration to the exterior lighting projects.

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