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A series of powerful architectural projectors APEX of the Russian brand RADUGA is designed to work in a wide variety of conditions, including rooms with high humidity or harsh climate.

The line includes models of 60, 100 and 200 watts. This is a powerful, but rather compact solution: a 200 W spotlight has overall dimensions of 776x265x150 mm.

Designed for harsh environments, the APEX is ruggedized with an IP67 rating and is shock, vibration and environmental resistant with a die-cast aluminium housing.

The design of the housing with heat dissipation fins is optimized for the most efficient cooling and maintaining the quality characteristics of the LED modules during the declared service life. A sheet metal cover hides the IP power supply and connection for added protection.

Easily adaptable to a variety of applications from general flood lighting to local illumination, the spotlight can be mounted horizontally or vertically in any orientation and is available with a wide range of secondary optics.

Graduated scale and screw mounting with 0 to 90° angle allow for easy aiming and more precise focusing of the light output. The anti-glare grille eliminates the effect of dazzle and contributes to the creation of a comfortable light environment.

The RGBW and Tunable White LED versions of the APEX luminaire are capable of creating a variety of lighting scenarios, from bright coloured dynamic lighting to moderate and smooth changes in the colour temperature of white light.

Housing painted with corrosion-resistant powder paint in standard RAL colours, as well as other options on request.

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