The design challenge for the Apex was to create a high-quality, compact cordless table lamp that is easy to handle and recharge, and also improve light output and efficiency. Sustainability is a big part in our design ethos and we wanted to incorporate it in the manufacture, assembly, and disassembly of the lamp.

The result is a lamp body that is precision-milled from solid brass or aluminium alloy and mechanically joined via a clear acrylic machined tube to an internal injection-moulded form. Its robust construction ensures the Apex can tolerate everyday handling for many years. The lamp has only mechanical fixings and is therefore simple to repair, upgrade, or recycle. In the event a part replacement is required, the lamp can be easily disassembled without any tools by the user to ensure product longevity.

Its compact size is especially important in a restaurant set-up where table space is at a premium and when the table lamp is the central source of illumination. Compact and robust, the Apex is easy to hold and handle – a simple but essential feature to ensure the product can withstand the day-to-day handling in a busy hospitality environment. In a home, the versatility of the lamp allows for functional illumination during outdoor alfresco dining, for bedside lighting, or as discreet mood lighting for study or living areas.

The Apex features NEOZ’s time-tested cordless lamp control unit with a commercial ready recharging docking system that can cater to up to 48 lamps. The lamp is fitted with a custom-made slim-profile disc LED to provide dimmable 2600K, 94+ CRI, 100 lumens+ illuminations. The design achieves a direct glare-free downlight and a soft glow on the internal metallic cone, resulting in a warm ambient task light for hospitality and residential environments.

“NEOZ is one of the pioneers in cordless lighting with the introduction of the Magill cordless table lamp in 1995. To celebrate its 25-year anniversary, our team designed the Apex, a high-quality sustainable lamp that pays tribute to the original Magill. We kept its pure geometric quality but also created a compact and exceptionally robust product that is tactile to handle, is simple to recharge, and provides a useful glare-free downlight for tablescapes.” – Peter Elis, founder of NEOZ.

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