Curvaceous and refined, the Antoinette table lamp by Studio Aristotelis Barakos is a luxuriant lighting object that takes its inspiration from the iconic form of the coupe champagne glass.

Invented in Britain around the second half of the 17th century, the coupe glass was the vessel of choice for champagne-drinking aristocracy and the upper classes on either side of the Channel, and later on in imperial Russia and the United States. The coupe’s grand appearance and generous bowl can be seen in the hands of merry fizzy-wine drinkers from 18th-century château paintings to The Great Gatsby, elevating the coupe into a timeless symbol of celebration, luxury and hedonism.

Legend has it that the very first coupe champagne glass was modelled after the left breast of Marie Antoinette, the wife of Louis XVI and last queen of France. Infamous for her decadent lifestyle and often accused for her excessive spending, Marie Antoinette used to organise extravagant banquets and celebrations in her private château at Versailles, where even the king required permission to enter.
The titillating myth of a queen asking her royal subjects to drink to her health from a glass shaped after her bosom has persisted for centuries, and has inspired many artists and designers up to this day.


With its luxuriant, silky metal finish and the milky light it pours all around it, the Antoinette table lamp is a tribute to the sparkling, golden-hued reveries of generations of champagne drinkers, with a meaningful nod to royal Versailles decadence.

Using cutting-edge LED technology and high-quality materials, the signature shape of the shallow champagne coupe is transformed into an elegant table lamp featuring smooth, discreet touch controls.

The light of a circular 12V LED module under the lamp’s top lid is diffused by an opaline bowl*, producing a soft downward light. A metal touch dimmer switch on the base provides a tactile on/off function with 10-100% adjustment.

Made of metal and available in brushed bronze, with the option of copper finish, as well as satin finish in a variety of colours.

Dimensions: H 30 cm W 25 cm

* The Antoinette table lamp is currently a fully operational prototype and is not yet in production.

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