The East Gate of Hsinchu is one of the four gates of the stone wall built in 1827 during the Qing Dynasty to defend the city from the outside world and to showcase the prosperity of the city. The East Gate records nearly 200 years of Hsinchu’s history, quietly marking the traces of each era; the East Gate Circle Square is not only an ancient landmark, but also contains the memories of all generations in Hsinchu.

The Bamboo Structure building for the Hsinchu 21’Light Coming Art Festival, is 13.5 meters tall and made of 1,000 Taiwan Makino Bamboos and Moso bamboos. The bamboo design incorporates 140 traditional handmade rice noodle stands to showcase the cultural characteristics of Hsinchu, where rice noodles are abundantly produced and customarily dried.

The lighting designer used 140 custom-made linear luminaires with 2700K color temperature to gradually illuminate the rice noodle stand from the bottom to the top. Lighting allowed people to feel the subtlety and warmth of Hsinchu’s traditional culture. The color of the luminaire’s outer shell is baked with the natural bamboo frame color to make the luminaire blend into the structure and environment, day or night.

Annular Bamboo Structure
Through the lighting, the poetic beauty of the structure is revealed.
Through the lighting, the cultural and historical memory of The East Gate of Hsinchu is embraced.

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