Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Angel Place at 123 Pitt street is home to some of the city’s most recognised tenants.

The Northern Lobby is a multifunctional space comprising two main collaborative destinations linked by a café. Casual seating for informal chats and quick catch-ups and a business lounge, with bookable booths for more formal meetings and private working time.

Light Practice worked closely with Hassell architects which allowed seamless integration of lighting into architectural features. The project has also been Shortlisted in the Interior Architecture category for 2020 NSW Architecture Awards.

For general lighting, through the feature framed ceiling, custom made can downlights complete with Xicato artist series LED modules with high CRI value (97) were designed and used to render the colours of the architectural finishes. The decision to make custom can downlights was to eliminate glare, which is a common problem with such high ceilings. The LED module within the can is set 150mm back to eliminate a direct view of the light source.

Located through the casual meeting area are terrarium planter boxes. These boxes have custom made 6500K, 4000lm/m LED profiles integrated into the frame. The high output and colour temperature is designed to mimic daylight for plants to grow. The profiles also have a 40degree beam angle to illuminate the plants more efficiently and to limit spill light out from the terrarium.

Custom made Floor Lamps designed by Light Practice, made out of natural silk and using 2700K light sources are placed through the space to create a welcoming atmosphere at the casual seating areas.

The approach used to light the large and dramatic artworks utilises 3 different lighting placements and directions. At the top and bottom of the artwork linear LED profile with wallwasher optics and due to the 3D nature of the artwork this was supplemented by adjustable spotlights to light the work from the front. During the design stage it was tested that turning at least one component off resulted in poorly lit artworks.

Along the northern wall of the formal business area, at 60sqm, resides the largest moss wall installation in Australia. Originally manufactured in Belgium and delivered to Australia in individual panels, the moss wall is by far the most intriguing installation in the lobby. While the whole project was 3000K, the preserved moss wall was illuminated using high CRI 4000K adjustable spotlights. This change brought out the different shades of greens within the wall and made the installation look more “alive”.

The lighting at Angel Place Lobby reflects the prestige of the address, while creating a comfortable and welcoming ambiance.

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