The project is a concept store located on the second floor of an enigmatic Porfirian house of Mexico City. The house has a great historical and architectural heritage, and it is now a multi-use space.
The architect Rodrigo García Lastra wanted to preserve the historical details that give such an interesting value to the space, such as the ceiling moldings, the stained glass and the columns.

In order to give the store a contemporary feeling in a harmonious matter, the space is embraced by a layer of pink terrazzo from floor to walls. The hardened teeth surface on the walls creates a sense of movement, texture and continuity.

Right at the center, a series of shelves made of resin and brass illuminate the tennis shoes and backpacks. The shelves are a luminaire in itself, they emit light towards the products and the space, they create glow and reflections, they create spaces within a space.

One of the objectives of this project was to show how the light interacts with different materials, how this interaction of light, material and space creates different emotions, atmospheres, as it creates a whole.

The fixtures are rooted to the architectural intentions, all the light comes from different angles using only linear lighting aiming to enhance the beautiful terrazzo, the products, and the history of the space. Zenithal lighting was not used for this project, we wanted to give a different use to the resin, and show the beautiful interaction it has with light.

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