As part of a large-scale conversion along the Amstelveen train line in the Netherlands, new lighting has been implemented at the Zonnestein, Sportlaan and Kronenburg stops. Contributing to the futureproofing of the stations, the new lighting, among many other adjustments, helps to make the line safer, faster, and more comfortable.

A key characteristic of the new stations is their submerged, inground locations. The separation from other traffic creates an increased sense of safety. This comfortable feeling is further enhanced by the warm lighting, in combination with the copper-finished walls.

To create this warm environment, lighting designers Lichtonwerpers utilised fittings from LED Linear. Its Kalypso IP67 was installed with a 60 linear lens optic. The fixture is very minimalistic, at just 25.5×20.5mm, but with sufficient light output to appropriately illuminate the ground surface.

A warm colour temperature of 2700K was chosen to emphasise the atmospheric, warm design of the copper, resulting in an almost homely atmosphere that makes travelling a cosy experience.

The safe, 24V DC-powered Kalypso IP67 fixture can be easily connected, which makes it possible to realise long, continuous light lines. In addition to this application, in this project the fixture has also been used in shorter segments at, among other things, lifts, stairs and transitions. The LED technology incorporated in the fixture is economical and has very low degeneration due to efficient cooling and smart power regulation.

With the commissioning of future-proof stops and modern 15G trams, the Amstelveen line (line 25) has become an ideal, calming solution for getting passengers from A to B quickly and comfortably in a busy urban area.

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