The events are many times a celebration of light in its most colourful, playful, and joyful character.

This event at the beautiful Kranidi of Peloponnese Greece, was organized by Floris special events, to celebrate “Life again” after one and a half years of pandemic restrictions and fear. Having taken all the safety health measurements both organizers, tech people and guests, we had a 3 nights of a festive atmosphere that lights and lighting gave everybody either a romantic or a joyful and playful feeling while enjoying the beauty of Greek nature !

Whether it was by the sea or by the pool together with the decoration we tried to create magic. By using real candle lighting where it was safe and possible or a simulation of it, we created pathways on the sand towards the sea and to our motto of the event “let’s celebrate life again” place.

The next day we used the pool area for another lighting atmosphere : we placed custom made luminous floating paper boats in the pool and together with traditional festooning lights we created an image coming out of a Children’s book. Αround 30 theatrical moving heads were dancing slowly on the water surface giving amazing water reflections on the surroundings.

A harmonious combination of theatrical, architectural and realistic lights created a colourful visual fairy tail bringing joy and happy vibes all around so everybody to feel life’s joy, missing for so long, again.

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