Bring the soulful warmth of Alma to your glamorous interiors.

With an arresting sculptural yet symmetrical accent, Alma Table Light is an attempt to reimagine the classics for a contemporary fixture to enhance the extraordinary modern-day spaces. Hand crafted using brass, TIR lens, clear glass and integrated LED source, makes it a well-balanced and adaptable luminaire. With the TIR lens acting as an enlightened rod, Alma offers a glare-free warm tone creating a rather calmer and soothing surrounding.

Launched late November 2021, Alma Table Light is the debut product of MESEME Studio – Contemporary Lighting & Accessories Studio based in London. It is designed by emerging and award-winning designer Riya Panchal in collaboration with skilful craftsmen and assembled with care in the UK.

Brass, Clear Fluted Glass & Perspex TIR Lens

TIR Lens:
Fully Sandblasted Perspex
Semi Sandblasted Perspex

H 420mm x Dia 170mm (Glass Shade H 220mm)
H 16.53in x Dia 6.69in (Glass Shade H 8.66in)

1 x Integrated SMD LED
Wattage: 7W
Temperature: 3200K (Warm White)
Lumens: 630lm

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