Al Fay Park is the Mid-East’s first urban biodiversity park. Designed with a central Activity Spine surrounded by a ‘Forest’ of local trees and vegetation, the park has quickly become a favourite place for locals and guests.

The lighting design is inspired by the dusty and yellow light that is so special for Abu Dhabi, and by the long shadows during sunset and sunrise that are more appreciated here than other places. The lighting design also takes into account that Abu Dhabians primarily spend time in the public realm in the evenings when the city thus is full of energy and joy for families, young people, kids and elderly. The lighting in Al Fay Park is celebration of this lifestyle: A celebration of social interactions and supporting the healthy lifestyle of the communities.

Activity Spine Lighting

The lighting in the Activity Spine is designed to create a safe and attractive atmosphere that is inviting to all people and allow for use all through the day and night. The floodlights used has very high luminous efficiency and precise optics to be as energy efficient as possible while preventing lighting pollution for the adjacent area. Thus, the lighting levels throughout the Activity Spine is designed as per program’s demand, meaning that the sport areas, the playgrounds and the food truck areas are highlighted (100-300lx), while the general lighting is held to 30-40lx. Due to the chosen floodlight concept, the transition between the different areas and lighting intensities is completely smooth. By using honeycomb louvres for the floodlights with a soft and glare free lighting effect, a high visual comfort throughout the site is created. The result is a lighting design that allows for a living and active year-round use while preserving a safe, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere at all times.

Forest Lighting

The lighting design of the park’s ‘Forest’ area is designed to enhance the experience of nature’s aesthetics and to provide a sensuous and nature-friendly atmosphere.

Throughout the Forest, the lighting design functions as an experimental travel guide. To indicate the entrances to the Forest Tracks, iGuzzini Palco InOut framers with specific SLA-designed gobos are used. When walking along the Forest Track, domes of indirect light (”light up earth” with spot optics) reveal each tree’s singular texture while scattered uprights add depth to the visual experience and create the feeling of exploring an actual forest. The picnic and mini golf areas within the Forest have functional lighting (‘urban plaza’ fixtures which are pole-mounted for evenly area lighting) for utility, safety, and good face recognition. By concentrating the light in this way, the lighting in Al Fay Park is not only designed for the people: It is also designed for birds, bees, and insect-habitats – a lighting that supports both life quality and biodiversity.

All in all, the lighting of Al Fay Park allows for both social activities in the Activity Spine and wonderous wandering in the Forest – and thus the possibility of whole new local, natural experiences in the middle of Abu Dhabi.

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