Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque is located in Manama, capital of Bahrain, the melting pot of the Arabian Gulf. The monument is part of an Islamic center, that includes the mosque, a department for Qur’anic studies and an Islamic library. Its construction started in 1984 and was opened 4 years later by the late Amir of Bahrain, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa.

The mosque is one of the largest mosque in the world, occupying an area of 6,500 square meters and accommodates up to 7000 worshippers. Daily congregational prayers as well as Friday prayers are held at the mosque.

The floor and part of the walls are covered with Italian marble and the monument is crowned with the largest fiberglass dome in the world, with twelve stained glass windows. Kufic calligraphy acts as an ornament on the mosque walls.

The doors are made of Indian teak wood and the central chandelier masterpiece was made in Austria, surrounded by numerous hand-blown round lamps made in France.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has adopted a policy of modernization while preserving the Islamic values and the Arab character of the country. Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic Center was established with a mission that reflects and promotes this policy.

“One can only feel deeply honored to be able to work on such a project, to combine all the elements of light in a way that gently engulfs and highlights the sacred spirituality of the Al-Fateh Grand Mosque, a place that stands for so many religious ideals.

I am delighted to have carried out this project with YQ Art Studio, with whom we achieved an excellent collaboration from concept to realization. We are also very content with LedsC4 for the lighting fixtures, who actively supported this lighting project from day one till the end. Grateful for ELAMES suppliers too, for their efficiency and effectiveness.

Our intentions regarding the lighting of this holy place were to endow the feeling of serenity and tranquility – feelings that we wish the visitors and worshippers to embrace along with the spirituality that breathes through the Al Fateh Mosque.

The warm colours of the mosque’s architectural structure really highlight the texture of the facade material, whilst for the domes we have used colder light (4.000K), respecting their round cloud-looking shape, where they can mirror the sky, providing a spiritual dialogue for every worshiper that visits the Mosque.”

George Tellos, Lighting Designer, Lighting Art Artic Design Company, Greece

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