Trinity’s Air~lume products has been designed and developed to take a lead in the world where the importance of employee wellbeing in the working environment and beyond is finally receiving the acknowledgement it should. Research has proven beyond doubt that the 3 most significant factors contributing to our Wellness are: Air Quality, Sound Quality, and Light Quality. Air~Lume addresses each of these factors in scientifically sound way and arrives at a single understated solution so not to detract from the whole design intent of the space.
The designer – Mark Cunningham – has this to say about the challenges he faced in creating a product that addresses wellness in such a holistic way

“I was surprised to find that there was no single product in the market today that addressed the complete triumvirate of Wellness. There are products that will solve air quality and there are products that produce beautiful lighting and those that address acoustic issues. But surprisingly no single product addressing all three.

With my background in lighting I could solve those aspects easily enough: light output, colour temperature and so on. And with the lighting being there meant I had power available to the point of delivery. It then became a research project of my own to understand and source solutions to address the air and acoustic challenges and to do so within the envelope of a single product. And to make that single product small enough to be accommodated in any reasonable space but also big enough and man enough to fulfil the tasks effectively.

The air we breathe every day in our normal lives: in offices, at home, etc – all 15,000 litres of it – is often contaminated with micro-organisms and pathogens.

Furnishings, IT equipment and cleaning products also release chemicals, adding to the toxicity. Health problems can be minor through to severe: from a runny nose to migraines, from eye irritation to Legionella bacteria and even cancer in extreme circumstances.

Air purification is clearly the answer.

Free standing units are bulky, noisy and maintenance intensive, drawing air and dust from floor level. Airlume’s smart, yet critical, level of air flow comes from above head height closer to the air we breathe and share

Air conditioning too, can incubate germs and spores, and circulating them through our buildings

Airlume combats all these dangers by utilising the latest in filter of G4 Particulate filter 5mm then 10 mm of Activated Charcoal for removal of VOCs and toxic vapour and biological smells.

The Air then passes into an enclosed chamber with 4 x UVC lamps safely deployed out of view and human exposure where bacteria and viral pathogens can be irradiated with a powerful 57 mj/cm2/second. This UVC also excites a well of TIO2 Photocatalyst to create Hydroxyl Radicals to oxidise pathogens and Toxic gasses magnifying the purification process.
All of this packaged in attractive and variable aesthetics.

Air~lume quietly and effectively freshens the environment all day long with quiet (43dba) efficiency “Air~Lume, wellness above all else” .

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