The Aero Vanity Downlight is an ingenious new downlight which has changed the way that hotels can illuminate bathroom mirrors. When a traditional recessed downlight is used in a bathroom mirror, the closer the guest gets to the mirror, the darker the light becomes as the light is blocked by the head. This makes it harder to see the details on their face. The Aero Vanity Downlight counters this – the closer to the mirror, the brighter the light, so guests’ faces become incredibly clear with less shadow and high colour rendering. The optic from Aero ensures guests have more light on their face; ideal for applying make up, or shaving.

Traditional mirror lights are shown to create a number of issues – a hotspot on the forehead, a shadow on the eye area, a hotspot on the cheek and a shadow under the lower lip. With the Aero Vanity Downlight, the light is softer on the forehead and the whole face, and there is less contrast and shadow. This means there is no need for an additional wall vanity light, saving costs and energy within a space. Other benefits include ease of cleaning, especially when compared to wall lamps down both sides of a mirror that are difficult to keep clean. It is also a durable solution, particularly over magnifying mirrors which can be pulled off.

The Aero Vanity Downlight features a very narrow trim, which also allows it to blend into the space neatly, so the aesthetic of the bathroom is not compromised. With a diameter of just 80mm, the Aero Vanity Downlight is also ideal for areas with a smaller footprint. A choice of stylish colours can be selected for the reflector – copper, titanium, chrome or gold. This ensures the Aero luminaire will perfectly complement or contrast with chosen décor. The finishing can also be in white, black or silver, adding further flexibility and customisation for designers.

When compared to traditional vanity downlights, the benefits of the Aero Vanity Downlight are clear. Not only does this provide a better user experience for the guests, but hotels can also ensure they are offering an enhanced stay thanks to the attention to detail they have delivered. Aero Light is passionate about hotel lighting. Having pioneered its own brand, Aero Light wants to support the hospitality industry to have only five-star lighting to ensure guests are happy and content with their stay. The Aero Vanity Downlight is part of our extensive range of hotel lighting that covers every aspect of a guest’s experience.

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