This amazing Penthouse is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Acapulco, Mexico. Situated in one of the newest residential complex of the city.

The apartment consist in three storeys; In the first floor we can find the main chamber, the kitchen and the dining room. On the second floor appears the playroom and the pool, and finally in the third floor, the rooftop, where we can find a gorgeous bar and a TV room.

The design concept is inspired by the ocean light. In the deepest parts of the ocean, the level of light you can find is very low and the uniformity of light varies a lot, so you can only see a few rays and closer to the surface occurs the opposite.

In the first floor of the apartment, we have a nice uniformity with soft shadows, as we can see in the first meters deep of the ocean. In the second floor we go deeper in water, experiencing light effects and different scenes were the inhabitants have the opportunity to choose depending their mood. And finally in the third floor, the deepest part of the ocean, have a low light level, strong shadows and pronounced rays of light, making an incredible and mysterious space for the bar. The whole apartment is in continuous transformation, depending the light levels and the preference of direct or indirect lights, the possibilities of ambiances are endless.

All the project was design and created using warm lights so the people who interacts with the space feel peaceful and cosy.

We use narrow beam angles for downlights, for more dramatic scenes, that can be diffuse with indirect lighting, from the coves, creating softer shadows.

As we previously stated, the lighting played an important role in this project. Giving great value to the space, making people feel comfortable in every moment.

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