Characteristic of cross-disciplinary curation by ASE Group, one of the world’s leading providers of semiconductor assembling and test manufacturing services, and FREES, a creative exhibition/performance space design company, “Thousand Lightsabers—A Light Show of Robotic Arms” is the world’s first of its kind, demonstrating how AI brings learning and research value to the show by sparking thoughts on cultures created by human civilization, such as martial arts, dance, performance art, etc.

It is a vibrant technology light show with an unprecedented number of 6-axis robotic arms, and the integrated technology of AIoT has enabled these production-line machines to create a surreal audiovisual spectacle like the Bodhisattva of Compassion with a thousand hands. Robotic arms can learn through the transfer of data in large quantity, making it possible for them to be optimized continuously and to manufacture all kinds of life necessities. So, is it possible that even unmanned, AI-based exhibitions and performances can be carried out in the future? Such an event was inconceivable two decades ago.

Through a cross-disciplinary collaboration of technology and art, this light show marks an attempt to imagine what life might become in the future. Inspired by Foucault’s description of Utopia as a world inside the mirror, the space design of the venue has not only built up an eye-to-eye relationship between the robotic arms and those experiencing the light show, but also explores the relationships between individual and group, robotic arm and you, human civilization and the future of technology, as well as the relationship between all these elements and time.

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