A Flicker of light is a kinetic light art installation depicting a flickering flame of light. The essence of the installation is to capture the ephemeral nature of light, the quiver of the flame and the rich hue of colours which is mesmerising to watch.

The installation is dynamic in two ways- The rotating panels of the framework and dynamic movement of the light together makes this installation completely unique and captivating.

The body is made of motorised vertical panels rotating around its axis to depict the movement of the flame. These panels are illuminated with RGB dynamic linear lighting modules to mimic the ephemeral nature of light. It was important to program the correct colour hues of white, amber, gold and red light to closely depict a natural looking flame with intense and rich colours merging into each other.

The individual modules are designed in a way that they come together to form a cylindrical shape and then break apart into fragments and shards of light. The constant transformation of the form is fascinating.

When the modules are closed you only see a slit light and the silhouette of the panels are highlighted. When the modules open up, you see an intense light source- the flame of the lantern.

The kinetic installation with dynamic lighting creates curiosity, visual delight and leaves the visitors transfixed in the installation.

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