The heavy suede door drifts open silently and as we step inside, the cinema’s art deco wall lights sparkle warmly. We’re the first ones here… Plush brown seats are laid out in front of us. A bottle of coke, ice cold to touch, waiting for its cap to be flipped. Warm popcorn piled high. Stage set. The opening credits roll. Sinking back comfortably we take a long breath out. “I’m glad we stayed in tonight” “Me too”

In addition to a basement cinema, this home on Addison Crescent also features a 60sqm pool and sauna with backlit RGBW pixel controlled ceiling that can flip from low resolution media playback to saturated Miami blue (pictured) or to refreshing midmorning daylight (also pictured). Living rooms, bedrooms and joinery typically feature dark tones and strong light accents to build a rich and vibrant mood within each space.

A house, with its varied spaces and uses, is the place we spend much of our time. It is multipurpose. It is a private space and a presentation space, a place for focus or a place for free play. For those of us fortunate enough to have all of this, there are plenty of reasons not to go out; It’s amazing inside.

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