The exhibition lighting for the MIT Museum enhances the innovative and technology- driven experience for patrons as they move through the various gallery spaces. Working with the base building track mounting system, integral LED track lighting is utilized with zoom-capable optics and onboard dimming for optimal flexibility with the rotation of exhibition displays. Framing projectors are mixed in where needed to illuminate specific graphics and elements without interfering with the high volume of digital media screens. Feature lighting is thoughtfully integrated into specific exhibition pieces to guide museum guests through the intended sequence of displays and to call attention to special, interactive moments.

In “CGW Gallery” (Images 1&2), low light level requirements were counteracted at the primary display wall with a three-dimensional halo of light that frames every unique exhibition piece, catching the eye of visitors as they walk through the space. The fixtures were strategically combined to minimize driver quantities yet maintain light level requirements of the different objects.

For “Ganson Gallery” (Images 3&4), overhead lighting is strategically placed to create moving shadows on the white curved panels once the kinetic sculptures are activated. The lighting integral to the shelf is intended to softly illuminate the bottom of the platform and embrace the reflection of the components and mechanics that activate the sculptures.

Continuous Linear LED tape mounted in channel is regressed behind the structure to graze the perforated metal panels framing the exhibit of NXT gallery (Images 5&6) and to invite people in. TDA collaborated with the graphic and AV consultants on wall mounted audio cones. Once visitors approach, the audio cones are activated through sensors and the lighting pulses in coordination with the sound coming out of the speaker.

The lighting for the graphic panels of AI gallery (Image 7) is an integral component of a pipe grid system within exhibit structure. The track heads are dimmed, framed, and strategically placed to avoid interference with the multiple media components in the gallery.

The central piece within the EXC Gallery was a joy to light with the strong, graphic shadows at the floor becoming an integral part of the artwork (image 8).
LSG gallery (image 9) relies solely on overhead lighting to feature the curving architectural walls and tabletop displays. Intense focusing and accessories were used to create the necessary relief at the exhibit titles to make them fully legible.

Layers of accent lighting and wallwashers are carefully focused to highlight key art pieces and to provide general illumination for the public lobby and larger gathering spaces.

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