TruCurve is our curved 5/8” recessed architectural lighting system that gives designers a new tool to illuminate a space with any shape and any color. Our patent-pending TruCurve is a plaster-in 24VDC LED system that bends left to right allowing for curved, organic shapes to be designed on any flat ceiling or wall plane and recesses into 5/8” drywall with no joist modification required. PureEdge Lighting custom builds the specified curved design and ships it to the job site as a pre-formed kit that is easy to assemble. Our innovative and highly efficient system blends seamlessly into the drywall, becoming part of the architecture. The slim curved extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are ordered in 1′ increments (up to 40′ before re-feeding). The TruCurve channel can accommodate curves with radiuses ranging from 7 to 180 degrees. TruCurve is available in a broad range of standard color temperatures including two Warm Dim options, Tunable White, and PureEdge TruColorTM RGBTW which allows you to illuminate your space with 16+ million color options and 64,000 whites. Let the drywall be your canvas and illuminate with TruCurve!

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