With its sleek street lighting fixtures, GHM Eclatec has delivered a practical yet stylish lighting solution for the Dubai Harbour district.

Dubai Harbour is a world-class maritime destination located at the intersection of the iconic Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters, close to Dubai’s world-famous attractions such as Ain Dubai and Burj Al Arab. Dubai Harbour is also home to the most advanced cruise terminal and the largest marina in the region in addition World-class hotels and shops.

The client and the Architects had the intention to light up the marina boardwalk/pathways, the internal roads, Parking and plazas with a world class aesthetical solution with the minimum Visual Discomfort. In addition, the lighting poles had to be the backbone of the smart systems in the area, therefore cameras, Wifi, and other amenities had to be designed to be installed on the poles and provision of wiring and brackets had to be incorporated.

GHM Eclatec Strium poles, combining technical functionality to aesthetics were a perfect Solution for this project and the XEON projectors Minimalistic and aerodynamic shape integrated perfectly in the installed environment creating a nice installation to look at in the daytime as well as an efficient Environmentally friendly Lighting elements at night providing the necessary safety and comfort for the drivers and the pedestrians.

The seamless solution was executed with various heights and sizes all in a unified family Look: The project had in total 12 configurations from 6 to 10meters height and from 3 to 7 Xeon projectors on each pole. This added up to a 1200+ Xeon Projectors in total.

The Steel Strium poles were done using the CAPITAN technology which is a unique Technology Creating special patterns on the poles without affecting their technical strength.

Additional Design

Developers: Meraas / North25
Lighting Distributor: Debbas
Commercial Specifications Agent: Luxburo
Contractors: Pro-Scape

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